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Teamspeak Rules

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Aug 26, 2019
TS3 Rules

General Rules:

1. Harassment, whether it be via message/voice chat, private messages, names or descriptions, is a ban worthy offence.

2. Advertising is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated in any way/shape/form, and will result in a warning by a staff member, if it continues, you will be permanently banned.

3. Metagaming is strictly forbidden.

4. Spamming messages is not allowed.

5. Staff Disrespect will not be tolerated on any level. Make a report, not a hate post.

6. No racist or discrimination towards any individual in text chat, if someone asks you to stop on the microphone, respect their wishes and do the same.

7. No Gore or NSFW images, videos, links or display names of the sort.

8. Avoid purposely directing anger or creating conflict.

9. Staff members say is final on Teamspeak, if you're told to stop doing something, do as they say.

10. Do not act hostile towards others, if you have an issue with a person, stay away from them and avoid talking about/towards them.

11. Avoid posting random images and video links in the general chat, try and keep that kind of thing inside of the Off-topic section.

12. Try and stay within your respective channels, especially during RP or important situations.

13. Try not to be rude or interrupt people, everyone should be allowed to talk.

14. If someone asks you to leave a training room channel because they're needing to focus or talk, please respect their wishes.

15. Poking users/staff to annoy them or waste their time to make the users/staff to tab out of the game to abuse them being AFK (Away From Keyboard) is forbidden and will not be tolerated whatsoever.

16. If you are going to AFK on the Teamspeak please move to the respective channel located at the bottom of the TS3.

17. No Music bots playing unsuitable/loud media is allowed in Teamspeak channels unless authorized by upper staff.

18. If you are banned from the Teamspeak do not create a second account, go to the ban appeal section on the forums and resolve the ban from there.

19. DO NOT go AFK in the main lobby.

20. If you have a complaint or suggestion for the server, address it with the correct people alone in a channel, try not to jump into a channel with 10+ people to address the issue as it could be sensitive information.

21. Do not give yourself fake TeamSpeak3 Icons.

22. Staff cannot give 'joke' bans. Ban for proper reasons.

23. Staff retain the right to decide inappropriate plugins (such as an Anti-Mover) and continued usage after being told not to will result in removal from the Teamspeak.

These rules can change at any time please be respectful and mindful before entering TS3 and speaking or typing before staying up to date with these rules.
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