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Staff Hierarchy

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Aug 26, 2019
These three individuals oversee and run the community in its entirety as well as the day to day operations of the server, they appoint people to management positions and decide what direction to take GenesisServers as a whole. Oftentimes they can be found in the FTP, dying inside as they work through hundreds of configs. It's rumoured that one is an anorexic alcoholic, another is permanently stoned and the third is the best Lua Developer on GarrysMod.

Community Manager
The Community Manager is a role that is said to be cursed, oftentimes being vacated for large periods of time. The Community Manager is in-charge of managing the communities infrastructure and innovating/modifying the rules of individual platforms (not the server). Their job is to promote GenesisServers and gain traction for the community. Furthermore, they are tasked with representing GenesisServers when it comes to interactions or issues with other communities. Actively hosting Community Meetings and interacting with members of the community. Noting and voicing the opinions and feelings of the playerbase and community to the owners is the essence of the role.

Head Administrator
Neither the Head Administrator of Community Manager outrank each other, they are on an equal pedestal doing completely different roles. The role of the Head Administrator is tasked with managing the entire staff team of their respective server. Within that they have to actively coordinate their senior staff team to make sure junior staff are progressing and are being monitored. The induction of new staff is directly overseen by the Head Administrator and any issues with staff which result in disciplinary action being necessary is almost always handled by them too. While they also host the weekly staff meeting and appoint/promote staff members to positions when deserved and needed. There is a huge responsibility on the Head Administrator's shoulders as a good staff team is what makes or breaks a server.

Senior Administrator
Proven to be one of the most trusted and skilled staff members. Senior Administrators are usually the most senior staff that are regularly active on the server. They are gifted with a wide array of permissions and are trusted to counsel the Head Administrator and monitor the new staff members in order to observe growth and skill, assisting them when needed. They are able to assist in the induction and processing of new staff members and also discipline staff to a lesser extent than the Head Administrator. Furthermore, Senior Administrators are tasked with handling player and staff reports on the forums.

Veteran and proven members of the staff team, Administrators teeter on the edge between junior and senior staff and are granted a large array of permissions and are trusted to help watch over junior staff. Administrators are also allowed to train new staff due to their experience. Being an Administrator means that the person has become extremely confident in using their commands and understanding the rules/constitution of GenesisServers and are now working towards developing/honing leadership capabilities.

Senior Moderator
Senior Moderators have passed their trial period in staff and proved to be capable and willing to help, their responsibilities remain the same except they are granted more permissions and more trust from the senior staff team.

Individuals who have just begun their journey in the staff team. They now are tasked with keeping active on the server and handling issues in-game.
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