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Sith Megathread



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Aug 26, 2019
Sith Empire Megathread

1. Ranks
2. Exile Rules
3. Sub Factions
4. Sub Faction Ranks
5. Dark Council
6. Trials
7. Roleplay jobs

The Emperor is responsible for running the Sith all decisions are final by the Emperor but the Emperor can consult his advisors and the Dark Council for suggestions.

Emperor's Advisor(s):
The Emperor’s advisors are the main opinions that the Emperor has at hand without using the Dark Council.

Emperor’s Wrath:
The Emperor’s Wrath is a ceremonial title given to the winner of a tournament as he is the best duelist in the Sith empire. Enforces the Emperor's will and strikes fear into the hearts of many.

Head Marauder:
Leader of the Marauders' has a seat on the Dark Council.

General Of War:
General Of War, Head of the Sith Army responsible for the training and maintenance of the Sith Empire, has a seat on the Dark Council.

Royal Guard Commander:
Leader of the Royal Guards, responsible for the running of the Royal Guard organization, has a seat on the Dark Council

Dark Lord:
Only a non-organization leader to be given a seat on the Dark Council can be assigned tasks by the Emperor to fulfill.

Dreadmaster Raptus:
Leader of the Dread Masters responsible for maintaining the Dread's has a seat on the Dark Council

Darth is a higher rank where they are most likely to be put onto the Dark Council meaning they have a lot of power within Sith but most actions that are made by Darths are to be ran by the Dark Council.

Lord is the rank after Apprentice, they do not have a lot of power but may command Apprentices when needed to.

Apprentice is one of the lowest ranks in the Sith Empire. They have to listen to everyone above them and train to become stronger.

The lowest rank within the Sith empire as they are the trainees of the Sith meaning they have to be trained by a Lord+ to become an Apprentice.

  1. You can only be exiled by someone on the Dark Council or above. In order to exile someone, there must be a valid reason.
  2. If the reason is valid then in comms the Sith's name, rank and reason for exile must be stated. Once exiled, the person must leave Korriban within 2 minutes and attempt to join Jedi.
  3. The exiled Sith may request a PK duel against the person who exiled them - if they win they may join Sith back but if they lose they will have to join another faction for min 3 days. then rejoin as an acolyte.


Dread Masters
The Dread Masters are the most powerful sub-faction within the Sith. As they have served the Emperor for centuries meaning they have skills that normal Sith wouldn't have. They are well respected within the Sith.

Royal Guard
The Royal Guard is the protector to the Emperor himself meaning they will be guarding the Emperor at all times when he is on and going to different worlds to explore. The main job of a royal guard is to protect the Emperor and the Dark Council if needed.

The Marauders are the front line of the sith, they mostly deal with capture points combat and frontline action.

The Inquisitors are the assassins for the Sith Empire meaning they will kill people and do undercover missions that have been assigned by the Dark council.

The Sorcerers are the force users of the sith empire meaning they use force powers as a means to an end.

Sith Troopers
Foot soldiers of the sith empire, are equipped with guns in order to be as efficient as possible on range.

Sub-Factions Ranks

Royal Guard:
Royal Guard Commander (Leader)
Elite Shadow Guard
Shadow Guard
Royal Guard
Royal Guard Initiate (Lowest Rank)

Head Marauder (Leader)
Dark Marauder
Elite Marauder
Pilliger (Lowest Rank)

Grand Inquisitor (Leader)
High Inquisitor
Elite Inquisitor
Inquisitor Trainee
Inquisitor Initiate (Lowest Rank)

Dark Corruptor (Leader)
Elder Sorcerer
Master Sorcerer
Adept (Lowest Rank)

Dread Masters:
Raptus (Leader)

Sith Council:
Emperor - Supervisor
Emperors Voice - Supervisor
Emperors Hand - Supervisor
General of war - Supervisor
Dark Lord - Supervisor

Head Marauder - Marauder Council Member
Grand Inquisitor - Inquisitor Council Member
Dread Master Raptus - Dread Leader and Dark Council Member
Royal Guard Commander - Royal Guard Council Member
Dark Councillor - Just a council member
Sith Captain - Leader of the Sith Troopers

Lord Trials
- Reach Level 25+
- Win the Dueling Stage
- Questions (For Example: What is the Sith Code)
- Situational Questions
- Trained 20 Acolyte

Darth Trials
- Reach Level 55+
- Win the Dueling Stage
- Questions (For Example: What is the Sith Code)
- Situational Questions
- Host a public training
- Trained 40 Acolyte

Over Throw Rules
To initiate an overthrow you must gather 80% of the council
When starting an overthrow you may not leave the Korriban
If your overthrow fails you will be exiled
Only Dark council+ may start an overthrow with 80% of the council
You must do a PK Duel to successfully overthrow the Emperor
The Emperor's Advisors + Royal Guards must fight for the Emperor

Role Play Jobs:

High warlord:
They focus more to operate on the battlefield, as well as being extremely skilled in combat.
War Master:
They teach combat techniques and help sith get a basic understanding of how to fight.
Specializes in the most for raids, conquests. Using techniques that would benefit the sith on a larger scale.

Lore Keeper:
Keeps track of lore and adds new lore to the Archives
Alchemists are the support job of the Sorcerers.
Focuses on using their force powers to drain the life of the Jedi and affecting them in a harmful way with their force powers

the main focus of them is to eliminate targets assigned to them.
Tech Expert:
Focused on taking any tech they find and adapting it so they can improve torture techniques. As well as being extremely skilled at stealing data, as well as hacking.
focuses on stealing artifacts from Jedi and any that may appear.

Royal Guard
High Guard:
Focuses much more on protecting the DC Temple and its VIP at all costs
Trains the royal guards and makes sure they are up to par with the rest of the royal guards
Focuses on making sure the Archives and Holocrons are defended at all costs.

Blood Guard:
Blood Guard will find any and all Jedi on Korriban and kill them at any cost.

Sith Trooper’s
Spec Ops:
Focuses more on specialized missions given by the Sith Highers.
Spec Ops:
Focuses more on specialized missions given by the Sith Highers.
Focuses on the reconnaissance part of the troopers.
specializes in heavy weapons and vehicles to overpower opposing forces.

Everything here is subject to change!
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