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Republic Trooper Thread

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Aug 26, 2019
United Kingdom
Republic Trooper Mega Thread

This Thread Will Be Updated When New Things Need To Be Added

Republic Trooper Ranks

Republic Battle Commander - Faction Leader

First Officer - Second in Command

Squad Leader - LT Commander

Drill Sergeant - LT

Officer - 2nd LT

Heavy Trooper / Scout Trooper / Assault Trooper - Sergeant

Trooper - Private

Republic Trooper Jobs / Roles

Sentinels - To give troopers a more interactive role in the Jedi we are allowing Republic Troopers to join the sentinels. This will allow the Republic Troopers to do training and missions with the Jedi sentinels.

The main role of the Republic Troopers is to aid the Jedi in raids, loot drops and any other events. It is advisable to not wonder round other planets without other Troopers or Jedi as Troopers especially low lvl Troopers will not last long.

The Troopers are not designed to take on High lvl Sith 1v1.

The Republic Troopers Have a wide range of weapons. In the Republic Troopers we aim to have everyone using a variety of different weapons. Also some weapons are designed for certain uses such as the Rocket Launcher which has been added as a way to break Sith block when doing crate drops or events.

There is a possibility that Republic Troopers can also join the Temple Guard. Once this has been confirmed I will update the thread.

The Squad leader is the trooper in charge of commanding the Troopers on a day to day basis.

The First Officer is to assist the Battle commander with the running of the faction.

The Drill Sergeant is in charge of Trooper Training.

Republic Trooper Training

Only Officers and Captains can train New Troopers

The Republic Trooper training is not too complicated. There are several areas Officers and Captains must go over when doing the training:
  • Make sure the Trooper knows all the basic server stuff
  • Make sure they know about server rules
  • Make sure they know how the skill tree works
  • Make sure they know how the ranking system works
Republic Trooper Promotions

If you ask about being promoted you are less likely to get promoted

Troopers must be lvl 20 + before they are able to be promoted to Republic Officer. This is because the Officers have responsibility to help lead the Republic Troopers

Only a Captain can promote Troopers to Officers

Promoting an Officer to Captain is a decision made by current Captain/ Captains and the Grand Master

Republic Trooper Rules

1.1- Respect your higher ups and all Jedi.
1.2- If ordered to do something by your superiors, you must follow those orders.
1.3- All server rules still apply to you, as well as majority of Hutt Cartel rules involving bosses, such as exploiting, attacking in a area the boss can't reach, attacking bosses in a location their attacks can't hit, ect.
1.4- Do not shoot Jedi unless taking part in training, avoid killing them, you may be warned for RDM if caught killing them.
1.5- Although your rank may be lower in equivalence, as a trooper, you only listen to your Officers and Captain, only the Grandmaster may tell you what to do, if your Captain isn't on/around, you may be ordered by the Council.
1.6- When leaving the planet, it is advised to partner up with other troopers or with a jedi, leaving the planet without someone to protect makes you very easy to kill or be taken captive, stay in groups in order to do your duty effectively.
1.7- Sith are still Kill on Sight as a trooper, but be warned, if they secretly have back up, you'll likely end up with your face in the dirty.
1.8- Troopers must not camp the spawn points on ALL planets and allow for people to spawn in and move away from spawn area before they are able to start attacking.
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