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Main Storyline Chapter 5

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Dec 1, 2019
Event Took Place on the 31st of May, 2020.

After the explosion of the star fortress at the end of part 4 Sith and Jedi have dispatched a search team to search the wreckage of the fortress. They find nothing except a lone scion drifting through the depths of space. The team capture the scion and bring him to Tython for interrogation.

With the help of the search team the Sith and Jedi Faction leaders manage to capture a survivor from the star fortress and proceed to Interrogate them for further information. Upon interrogation they learn that the survivors name is "Berusal" and they are one of the many Scions of Zakuul. After further difficult interrogation they learn that "Scions" can see brief visions of future events using the power of the force. Wanting to test this theory the Grandmaster questioned the Scion about Tython in the future only to learn that in a weeks time only a pile of burning rubble will be left. After hearing this news the search team adopt a more "painful" method of interrogation to find out the rest of what to come.

After what seems like hours of interrogation the Scion finally gives up the information the 2 factions are looking for. What we thought was all the Zakuul fleet from the last attack was merely a tiny fraction of it, The Zakuul have a fleet hundreds of times bigger just a few systems away on a planet named "Voss" (Previously guarded by the Star Fortress). They also learned that the twins were stationed at the ground base overseeing the fleets preparations. Knowing that both factions cannot defend against a fleet of that magnitude they decide to attack the Zakuul before the fleet launches.

The Sith and Jedi debrief their people on the interrogation and gear them up for a war, they embark their ships and head straight for Voss. Upon arrival some of the Zakuul fleet has already launched and the 2 factions find themselves having to crash land on Voss due to various system failures from the attack. The planet however is not much safer.

The 2 factions disembark the ships and start their ground assault on the Zakuul stronghold. Their goal is to disable the 3 shield generators protecting the main base, many Sith and Jedi lost their lives fighting off the Zakuul Knights while others disabled the generators, after a huge battle between them and the Zakuul the shield generators finally were all disabled and the main shield dropped. This signaled the start of the final assault.

As expect the twins along with a large assortment of Zakuul military flooded out from the main base cascading down on the Sith and Jedi forces, in the heat of the battle one of the twins was struck down. Angered at this an orbital bombardment was called down upon the base by the Zakuul killing their own as well as many more Sith and Jedi. Those that could escaped in whatever ships they could find and retreated before they too were lost to the bombardment.

Both factions regrouped on Tython to discuss their battle and the plans for the future. While that battle was won the fight was still not over, reports had come in suggesting that one of the twins managed to collect the deceased body of his brother and escape. The leader of both factions now discuss their best course of action and how to prevent the resurrection of the fallen twin.​
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