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Main Storyline Chapter 4

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Dec 1, 2019
Event Took Place on the 26th of April, 2020.

Vaylin has been returned to her brothers at this time. she is explaining everything to them they have finally arrived back home and informed the emperor of what has happened to the three of them and decided to launch a counter-attack to stop the factions.

An unknown assailant spreads a harmful pathogen amongst the planets, the pathogen is extremely deadly killing within only 30 minutes. The virus targets only the exiled Zakuul Knights seeking refuge with the Jedi Order. The Exiled Zakuul Knights entered into a communication with "Mother", "Mother" proceeds to explain to the Exiled Knights about the infection that has been spread as well as explaining she will be with them as soon as she can. However "Mother" will not arrive before the infection has run its course so the Jedi and Sith must work together to create a cure before all the Exiled Knights are wiped out.

The Jedi and Sith searched planets tirelessly for various rare ingredients to create a cure, they killed deadly beasts and talked with strange traders. Sadly the Jedi and Sith were not fast enough in their cure creation and the Exiled Zakuul Knights perished.

"Mother" who's name is revealed to be "Senya Tirall" lands on Tython, She was saddened to see the fate of her loyal Knights and entered talks with the Jedi and Sith council to discuss their next steps.

During the talks multiple groups of elite zakuul knights hunting down "Senya Tirall" were dispatched to both Tython and Korriban, destroying their shield generators and Anti-Air Defenses. Now the Jedi and Sith defenses are out of the way the Zakuul launched several cruisers into the Korriban and Tython orbits, each cruiser dispatched waves upon waves of Elite Zakuul Knights to attack and kill the Jedi and Sith.

For the next few hours the Jedi and Sith fought together to repair their defenses and push back the Zakuul intruders. After hundreds of deaths on both sides the Jedi and Sith finally got their defenses back online and destroyed all but one of the Zakuul cruisers, before the final cruiser left it dispatched a group of mutated beasts upon Tython to cause even more havoc along with canisters of a mutated version of the pathogen from before only this time it affects everyone. The final ship then managed to use its hyperspace drive to escape to a Zakuul star fortress in a distant system.

The Jedi and Sith again worked tirelessly to defeat the beasts and then synthesize a cure before they too perished.

We later learn that the fleeing ship and the star fortress were destroyed by the greater Zakuul empire for the losses they suffered in their battle, a joint Jedi and Sith search team have been dispatched to search the wreckage for anything that may help turn the tide of the war.​
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