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Main Storyline Chapter 2

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Aug 26, 2019

The Daughter to the Throne - Chapter 2

Event Took Place on the 3rd of November at 6:00pm GMT

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-The two brothers arrived back to the throne after barely escaping the fight they inform Father that the Jedi and Sith are working together to attempt to stop their plans. The father says you must warn your younger sister she is in danger and has no idea what is going on.

In the far Unknown Regions known as the 7G sector the planet Ilum, is where Vaylin is underway with her operation.

Vaylin hired a smuggler to transport Kyber Crystals back to her home world, the mission her father gave her, everything was going well until the smugglers ship crashed on Tython, the Jedi homeworld, unknown to her the Jedi and Sith currently hated her family. The Jedi find the smuggler laying face down in the water not breathing they pulled him to safety and try to help him. Floating in the water is a lot of crates nothing out of the ordinary but a symbol is on every container and it looks familiar like the Jedi have seen it before. they bring a crate back to the Grand Master and then he contacts The Sith to tell them to come to Tython and take a look at the crates.

Sith arrive at Tython and approach the temple at the same time the smuggler starts to wake up the Sith and Jedi go to a private room to talk about what is going. The Jedi and Sith have a conversation and determine that the symbol is indeed familiar and it is in fact the Eternal Empire, both go up to the smuggler and he is unwilling to speak still both sides. After a long interrogation the smuggler spills the beans and says he was coming from the planet Ilum and says the coordinates are in his ships data logs. The Sith or Jedi go to his ship and gather his intel that he has. They only find a log of his last location.

the Grandmaster and Emperor sit down to find out what their plan of action is. they assemble the Jedi and Sith in the temple courtroom and then send the sentinels, inquisitor and troopers of both factions to scout the situation on the planet and to report back what they found to the Emperor and Grandmaster. on the mission they find a man and help him the man later died from blood loss on the cold planet the Jedi and Sith try to gather as much Intel as they can but get seen and three of them die in the process. the Intel they got was about a shield generator that was powering the base and a massive fortress.

The Grand Master and Emperor call every Sith and Jedi to Tython to explain and prepare to storm the base. the Jedi and Sith go to Ilum and meet heavy resistance from the Zakuul Knights guarding the planet the forces all converge on the shield generator one of the Sith decided to hack the shield generator and override the controls to the base. The shields fall and both forces collide in the base in a massive battle. the Zakuulians are very surprised that they have gathered this many forces this quickly. the knights call in orbital strikes this kills many of them but not enough. so they release one of the new pets they found on the planet. this kills a lot of the Jedi and Sith eventually they kill him. But the knights have one last trick up their sleeves they brought with them a massive beast and he unleashes a storm of attacks killing people left right and center. By some miracle the Jedi hack the force field leading to the cave system while the fight was going on and go down and finally meet who is running the operation. Vaylin she and her Royal Zakuul Knight fight off most of the force with their green plasma glowing lightsabers. during the battle they grow weak from the fight and attempt to leave and make it outside the caves. they race to their shuttle awaiting them outside the fortress and fly to their ship in orbit.


Vaylin has hyperspaced away and escaped in her ship but the ship was damaged from the battle and is now stuck drifting in space with no power. Vaylin is in a stasis pod and the only thing that she has is a tracking beacon that her family members can track.
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