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Jedi Ranking Structure

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Aug 26, 2019
Jedi Ranking Structure

Jedi Initiate:

As an Initiate in the Jedi Order, you're no longer a youngling and about to take your first step into the flow of the force.
You'll construct your lightsaber and do the final necessary training for the final parts of your training to become a Padawan.
You'll be taught how to do basic saber combat, how to construct your lightsaber, choose which types of force abilities you will want to learn and ways to obtain the way to learn these new abilities (Skill Tree).

Jedi Padawan:
You've constructed your lightsaber and began your first steps to becoming a full fledged Jedi.
You'll have to find yourself someone to train you, such as a Jedi Knight or higher.
You will train hard and hone your skills as a Jedi, learning new techniques and abilities in order to further your quest to become a Jedi Knight.
Do not go to Korriban unless a Raid is happening, doing so will result in a harsh punishment from the council (possible stripping of rank, loss of skill points/levels or even Exile), this will be decided by the Council and a vote will be held. (A majority of the Council must be present, Jedi Ancient's may also take part)
To become a Jedi Knight, you must obtain Level 20, and prove yourself to your Master.

Jedi Knight:
As a Jedi Knight, you have finished your Knight trials and become a full fledged member of the Jedi Order.
You may leave the planet Tython without permission, but this still doesn't give you permission to go onto Korriban.
As a Knight, it is your duty to train initiates (see bottom of page) and will have to prove that you can train a padawan to a certain standard.
As a Knight, you will continue to work alongside the master that trained you. You will also take on the responsibility of training your Masters new Padawan to prove that you are worthy of the rank of Master.
To attain the rank of Master, you must undergo Master Trials, once being voted worthy of the Trials by the Jedi Council.

Jedi Master:
As a Jedi Master, you have refined your skills and abilities.
You will be allowed to train Jedi Knights, Padawans and Initiates.
You will be allowed to become a part of the Council, if the Council believe that you are worthy. The Council must take a vote with a majority of members being present for this vote(5 in total or more, this also includes the higher ranks), also the Master of the Order, The Grand Master or a Jedi Ancient must be present as well.
As a Master, you will take on 2 Padawans and train them to the rank of Knight. Your padawans shall stay with you once they are a Knight, and will prove themselves for the rank of Master by training your new Padawans under your supervision.

Jedi Council
To become a Council Member, a Master must prove themselves repeatedly to the Council through training and guiding the Knights and Padawans. For the Council to decide, a High Councilor or above must put the proposition of the Master becoming a Council member forward and why they believe so and a majority vote is required for them to pass.
A Jedi Council can take on an extra Padawan and Knight, meaning you can take on 3 Padawans and 3 Knights.
Jedi Councillors will be seen as a lower leadership rank within the council and will be expected to step up and control the lower ranks when required, such as raids or trainings.
Jedi Councillors can also carry out Knight and Master trials, as long as it isn't their own padawan.

High Jedi Council:
If a Council member was to go above and beyond their required duties, and perform excellently while demonstrating leadership skills, determination and the ability to train the lower ranks to an exceptional degree, they may be put forward by the Master of The Order, Grandmaster. Then the council may do a vote on the Council Member to become a High Jedi Council.
Upon becoming a High Council Member, you are seen as a high leadership position and have the ability to call Raids (must be at least 15 members online on each side, this may be overlooked if a member of the Staff teams Round Table gives permissions to do so.) and Conquests.
High Council is seen as someone who has extensive knowledge and experience, therefore they may take on 4 Padawans and 4 Knights. If the Master of The Order or the GrandMaster would be to ever resign from their position, the High Jedi Council would be the preferable ones to become the Master of The Order or the Grandmaster.

Master of The Order:
As the Master of the Jedi Order, you will be one of the main higher ups in the Jedi, giving final judgment when the Grand Master isn't around.
Your opinion is taken as a very serious matter, the same as Grand Master, if you disagree with something the Council is trying to do, you have the right to postpone the vote until the Grand Master gives their final decision on the matter, their say is final.
Within the Council the ‘MOTO’ watches over the council members and ensures they are fulfilling their duties, they also watch over all the subfactions and step in where help is needed.
As one of the higher members of the Jedi Order, you may also initiate a Raid and Conquests.
To attain the Rank "Master of the Order", you must be a High Council member and receive recommendations from at least 3 Council members, when you've got the backing of other Council members, this will be taken to a vote by the Council, the Grand Master must be present to give final approval.

You're the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, a role that is only fitting to those that have learnt more than they could possibly imagine, they aren't simply recommended for this position, the Council must gather, with the Master of the Order present and all the High Councillors. All members of the Jedi Council apart from one must agree to a majority vote on who the Grandmaster may be, the Master of the Order will also be taken into account of the vote.(If one is chosen)
The Grandmaster oversees the whole of the Jedi Order, it is their duty to ensure Jedi is an active faction, and to delegate people to roles they will do well in.
You will have final say on all Council meetings, if something is not approved by you, it will not pass, even with a Majority vote.

How to train your initiate: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10V9lntGsY5jzpwc5SFfH5BXFyWRPdCOycAuC6pVkyUg/edit
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