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Jedi Megathread

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Aug 26, 2019
Table of Contents:
1: Knight Trials
2: Master Trials
3: The Ranking System
4: Sub-factions
4: Jedi Punishments
5: The Jedi Code

Section 1 - Knight Trials
To uphold the quality of the Jedi progressing through the Ranking System, you must be a member of the Jedi Council to be able to host a Knight Trial. Alternatively, the Council may vote on if they think you are capable of doing Knight Trials, in which case, you will be allowed to do Knight Trials if there are no Council Members online.
You cannot host your own Padawans trial.
Knight Trial Requirements:
Minimum Level 20 (No exceptions)
Must have been trained to a good standard.
How to train your Padawan:
Explain the requirements needed to obtain a Knight Trial.
Teach them about combat & how to fight. (Get them to train combat against other Padawans or yourself)
Teach them about different scenarios and ask them what they would do in different scenarios.
The Knight Trial Guidelines are on the Jedi Google Doc, which all Councillors have access to.

Section 2 - Master Trials
To uphold the quality of the Jedi progressing through the Ranking System, you must be a member of the Jedi Council to be able to host a Master Trial.
You cannot host your own padawans trial.
Master Trial Requirements:
Guideline Level 50
Must prove that you can correctly train a Padawan.
How to train your Knight:
Explain the requirements needed to obtain a Master Trial.
Continue to train them on their combat, as it will be a large part of their Trial.
Teach them the Jedi Code.
Teach them the Three Pillars.
The Master Trial Guidelines are on the Jedi Google Doc, which all Councillors have access to.

Section 3 - Ranking structure
High Council
Master of the Order

Section 4 - Sub-factions
You may join a sub-faction once you become a Padawan.
Guardians are the duelists and front line combatants of the Jedi Order. They spend most of their time training their skills with a light saber.

Temple Guards:
Quiet and well respected. The Temple Guards protect the Temple and the archives from any threats, they patrol Temple Grounds and ensure no one is were they aren't permitted to be.
They focus on Defensive combat, and ensure no hostilities break out on Tython.

Sentinels is an elite espionage unit within the Jedi. Their main focuses are information gathering, capturing enemies and occasionally assassination.
They are skilled in the use of force cloak and avoiding detection. Their secondary role is to convert Sith who wish to join the Jedi order.

A Consular is one who avoids engaging in combat, preferably using negotiations in order to make ends meet. They are particularly skilled in the ways of the force, focusing around force healing.
They are extremely knowledgeable, and spend their time learning in the archives, or treating wounded within the medbay.

Ancients (level 100+, Master+):
Ancients are quiet and withdrawn. They are veterans of the Jedi Order who have experienced war like no others.
They are experts in combat and in the ways of the force.
It is an Ancients duty to train and support newcomers to the order.
Ancients exist outside of the Jedi ranking system, they cannot join the Council and they can only be given orders by the Grand Ancient and Grand Master.

Note: you cannot switch factions without informing your current faction leader. You must also wait for 48 hours before switching between factions.

Section 5 - Punishments
Being Exiled is one of the main forms of punishment for the Jedi Order, when Exiled, you'll no longer be associated with the Jedi Order all your ties, ranks and power within the Jedi Order will be stripped from you and you'll be left to wonder the Galaxy on your own with no one to turn to.
Exiling may occur if you have damaged the Jedi Order, Hurt one of your own, turned towards anger or failed as a Jedi and the Order as a whole.
This can only be issued by the Grandmaster or the Master of the Order.

Jedi Warnings:
A Jedi warning is the lowest form of punishment and will be used to remind the receiver to change theirs ways before a more severe punishment is issued. Upon reaching 2 Jedi Warns a demotion will likely take place, of one rank or possibly more if required. However, if a Jedi is to reach 3 Jedi Warnings they will be exiled from the Order (Read above regarding Exile).

Section 5 - The Jedi Code

The Jedi Code:
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the force.

The Three Pillars:
The Force
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