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J V S Rules

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Aug 26, 2019
These rules are subject to change at any given time by members of the Board of Directors. It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with changes made to this page.

New/Changed Rules (This changelog will be cleared every 7 days)

23/11/19 - Cleared up General Rules
23/11/19 - Removed JvS Rule #6
28/11/19 - Modified Rule #11

General Rules:
1. Harassment is not tolerated.
2. Failing to abide by appropriate RP constructs (FailRP) or using out of character means to influence stuff in character (Metagaming) is prohibited.
3. RDM/ARDM is prohibited (killing members of your own faction or trying to attack your own faction).
4. No third party scripts, injectors or intentional exploits. Any exploits found and not reported may (depending on the situation) result in punishment.
5. No advertising anything using our community for personal gain. Or advertisement to inflict bad reputation on our community.
6. Upon dying in general PvP (conquests, raids and timed events are excluded), you must wait 2 minutes before returning after respawning.
7. Do not deliberately try and block fighting or RP, e.g. standing in front of a door and not letting anyone past.
8. Refrain from using third party voice servers for faction and/or sub-faction communication, please try to use our TeamSpeak3 server, channels and descriptions. ( ts.genesisservers.co.uk )
9. With the character system you have one main character and one secondary character, you cannot have two high ranking roles, an example of this would be: You can't be Jedi Council and Dark Council on both of your lives. G-VIP have three roles they are not excluded from the high ranking role section.
10. Do not switch between factions to gain an advantage for something (joining the winning side of a lootdrop to get the item), it's classed as a form of exploit and will be punished.
11 - Do not attack people that have just teleported in, attacking/camping people that just spawn in will result in a warning, continuing will result in a harsher punishment.
12 - Alt accounts are not allowed, use of alt accounts are subject of all account being banned.

Jedi vs Sith Rules
Roleplaying Rules:

1 - You must listen to your higher up faction rankings unless valid roleplay indicates otherwise.
2 - Force Ghosts are unable to take on apprentices and such. Force ghosts are unable to partake in any planetary skirmishes and PVP battles unless attacked unprovoked. Force Ghosts may train new players.
3 - To start a majority vote within a faction Council, at least half of this council must be online.
4 - You may not AFK in the centre of a roleplay, PvP or PvE scenario. Please go AFK somewhere out of the way.
5 - Your name in-game must not correlate to anything offensive or inappropriate, keep it neutral. If a staff member requests you change it, you must do so. You are not allowed to take someone else name when they are offline or away.
6 - The Emperor can be only be overthrown by assembling a majority Dark Council and attempting to assassinate the Emperor & his advisors.
7 - Do not intentionally camp Crystal Identification Altars of the opposing factions.
8 - Do not abuse healing mechanics mid-combat, there is an exception however for companion abilities and group heal with a number of 2 or more teammates around you that need healing, also normal force heal can be used to heal teammates at anytime.
9 - You must comply with the FearRP rule, meaning if you're surrounded and vulnerable in character, you must go with it. (Surrender with 2 opposing Inquisitor/Sentinel+ faction members with below 1/4 of your HP)
10 - Only Sentinels & Inquisitors can kidnap and interrogate people. Captured Jedi/Sith can be held for a maximum of 10 minutes, afterwards, they should be released/killed/sold. The captured Jedi/Sith can be sold for a maximum of 100k depending on Rank. Sentinels/Inquisitors may only kidnap one person every hour. (Ex: Padawan = 10k, Knight = 20k, Master = 25k, High Council+ = 50k, Master of the order = 75k and Grandmaster = 150k)
11 - You must use a microphone in higher-up positions (Grand Master, Master of the Order, Emperor, Emperor's Voice).
12 - !PK Duels are in a sense a "Gentlemen's Duel", when both players have accepted the duel, you must do a countdown from 3 to "GO" in global comms before engaging in combat, not doing so will be seen as an invalid PK duel and any levels or whitelists lost from the Duel will be reverted and the person breaking this rule will be warned. (This will be made a thing in code later on, so expect the rule to disappear when it is implemented)

Faction Rules:
1 - You may not hop from faction to faction without waiting 3 days, the correct roleplay procedures must also be followed.
2 - You can not make a rebel group, doing so is FailRP, if you're Exiled, you're Exiled, you must find a new faction to join, you may not make your own faction.
3 - To gain promotion to the next rank you must wait for 48hrs, for example, you must be a padawan for 48hrs to become a knight.
4 - You are not allowed to speed promote faction members, meaning skipping any ranks.
5 - You cannot leave your factions planet if you are still yet to be trained.
6 - If you're a trooper based role in your faction, you must be within a Boss NPC's aggro range in order to farm on it.

Family Rules
1. You may have a maximum of 12 members per family.
2. A family name may not have any recognisable names.
3. You may make your own rules for your family but you must still follow the normal server rules.
4. You cannot use any personal discords/TS3's servers to communicate outside of Genesis.

Bounty Hunter Rules
1. Bounty Hunters cannot go into spawns to kill their targets. You are only allowed to enter faction homeworlds if your bounty is there.
2. The minimum for bounties is 5000 credits. You cannot accept hits if the prices do not match this list.
2a. Prices for each rank within both factions you cannot place a hit or accept a hit if the price does not match this list:
-Padawan/Apprentice- 5000 Credits
-Knight/Lord- 10,000 Credits
-Master/Darth- 40,000 credits
-Jedi Council/Dark Council- 75,000 Credits
-High Council/MOTO/Emperors Wrath/Hand/Voice- 100,000 Credits
-Grandmaster/Emperor- 200,000 Credits
3. Bounty Hunters are allowed to be hired to help in loot drops.
4. You cannot place Bounties on your own faction.
5. Factions can ban bounty hunters from homeworlds. Must be done by Jedi/Dark Council +. The ban can only last 1 hour. You are subject to AOS/KOS if you enter the homeworlds during the ban time.
6. If an Airdrop or anything of that nature is on Mos Eisley (the BH spawn), they must wait 20 seconds before re-entering combat.

Event/Raid Rules:
1 - You may die multiple times within an event unless told otherwise. The lives for a raid is 2 by default(Can be increased by with permission from a member of the BoD).
2 - You must not actively go against an event to cause issues.
3 - Planetary Skirmishes can only be initiated once every hour. (At least 15 members need to be online for sith and Jedi on either side)
4 - During a Planetary Skirmish, when you die, you must wait 20 seconds before rejoining the fight.
5 - Once a factions shield defence has restored, the attacking faction must return back to their planet.
6 - Faction initiated conquests must be held for 15 minutes to be successful.
7- You must listen to the event host when participating in an event.

Equipment Rules:
1 - You can only use single hilts when duel wielding sabers.
2 - Do not give out your jetpack or any other given equipment. (If possible for some items)
3 - Lightsaber wielders must not use guns under any circumstances.
4 - Do not abuse equipment.
5 - Ships are designed for transport, you can not shoot players/NPCs on the ground but you may shoot other ships who are not on your team (Example: A Jedi ship can shoot down a Sith Ship).

Gambling Rules:
1. Raffles and auctions are prohibited unless it is presided over by staff. They are outright unfair to players in most cases (especially newer ones who don't know prices).
2. Staff are not responsible for any player gambles/bets. For example: If two jedi agree to a duel in which the winner would be granted 100k and once the duel is over the loser doesn't pay. That is completely your responsibility. Same goes for bets when it comes to using the /roll command. If someone refuses to pay, that is YOUR responsibility.

Staff Rules:
1 - Be respectful and friendly at all times, if you are still getting needless aggression, a punishment is last resort but do what is needed.
2 - You may not use your staff privileges to gain access to roles or features you shouldn't have.
3 - Do not roleplay using the Staff on Duty role, same goes for not involving yourself with RP and keeping it to OOC.
4 - You need to help where able to within community events.
5 - If somebody complains about you, higher staff and forum report areas will deal with this, remain calm and mature.
6 - You must not be uncloaked as a Staff on Duty when potentially intervening with roleplay.
7 - Only use noclip when cloaked, on the Staff on Duty role. Or if there is a situation that requires it.
8 - You must always provide sufficient kick and ban messages with detail.
9 - Do not spawn anything when you're not supposed to.

FailRP - When somebody doesn't follow the roleplay when in character, and as a result is causing problems.
Metagame - Using OOC resources to influence decisions or actions within roleplay, such as third party voice comms or OOC UI.
RDM - Killing or attempting to kill another player without sufficient reasoning to do so.
Exile - Exiling is kicking a specific individual out of a faction via being voted off accordingly.
FearRP - An example of breaking FearRP would be by not being afraid of death and not willing to die as a result of this. If you are at risk, you must play with it.


Forms of RP Punishments (Such as Exiling or PK's) must be consulted with a Staff Member of Admin+ after the decision has been finalised, the staff member will then take into account all the information you have proved with a non-biased opinion and give their judgment on the situation with the Higher-ups of that faction (example: Emperor, Emperor's hand, Grandmaster or master of the order) .
Remember, all staff decisions are final, if they believe they have done nothing wrong or they see it as an extreme punishment, they may recommend another punishment or disregard the situation for a later date till further information has been gathered or the player is caught doing things that they have been reported on, if the person is seen doing the exact thing they were let off for, the staff member must take action and speak to the Higher-ups of that faction to notify them of the situation and begin the punishment.
Members of the staff team Round Table may deliver these actions if seen fit to do so without warning towards the Higher-ups of a faction.

We do not condone the purchase of in-game items outside of our Server Store, asking for money for in-game items or selling in-game items for real-life money is seen as "scamming" as there is no way to prove that it is a legitimate transaction that is safe for the person(s) involved.
If caught doing this, you'll likely receive a permanent ban from the server which is a ban that will not be discussed most of the time and you'll have to just suffer the consequences of your actions without giving reason/evidence why you shouldn't be permanently banned from the server, you'll be removed.
Genesis servers are not liable for any transactions made between players outside of our Store with real-life money, you'll be held solely accountable for your actions, as will the person offering money/taking the money.
You have been warned.

Rules may change at any time without notice, and check frequently to avoid confusion on breaking a changed rule, you are expected to be aware of all rules, so "I didn't know it changed" is not an excuse; any questions that are needed to be asked, contact a moderator or above via our Discord Server ( Discord ) or our Teamspeak3 ( ts.genesisservers.co.uk )
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