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Aug 26, 2019
These are the rules for the Genesis forum although some of them carry over to our other platforms, these rules are here to safeguard our community and ensure that everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience, please make sure to read them carefully and be sure to check back as these rules may change without warning! Thank you.


Post/comment will be removed, only followed by a warning/ban (see below) if multiple offences have been committed.

Post/comment will be removed and will be followed by a warning/ban (see below)

Post/comment will be removed and will be followed by a permanent ban, the “offender” will be informed whether or not they may appeal the ban based on the severity of the offence and the decision made by senior staff.

Genesis Forum Rules:

- A staff member’s decision is final, they are in their position for a reason, if you believe there has been a genuine mistake please create a post in the ban appeals section or message one of our senior staff members on the forums/steam/teamspeak and we will try and resolve the issue.

- This is an English website, any threads/replies/shoutbox messages written in other languages will be removed without warning as we cannot moderate a language we do not understand.

- Do not spam threads and the shoutbox, this is an eyesore for other users and you can get your point across in other ways than spamming.

- Necro behaviour (Reviving old threads that have not been locked/closed by staff) will result in your reply being removed without warning, except in very rare circumstances, please discuss with a staff member before doing this.

- Any sexually inappropriate or explicit content, including avatars/signatures/shoutbox messages is not tolerated.

- Insulting and flaming or personal attacks against any user will be not tolerated.

- No discussions of any illegal activities (hacking, software piracy, illegal media) will be tolerated.

- Do not make threads/polls/shoutbox comments made to intentionally troll or cause an argument/beef.

- Racist, homophobic, sexist or offensive comments/language is not tolerated on any level or in any form.

- Advertisements for anything, except when senior staff members have given the go-ahead are not tolerated.

- You may not make a 2nd account without first discussing with a Senior Admin+. However, in order to message staff/make a post to appeal a ban, you may make a 2nd account which must be called [Originalusername]BanAppeal and must only be used to make a ban appeal thread.

- Intentionally spoiling films, TV shows, books etc for other users won't be tolerated as it ruins player experience.

- Do not impersonate another user, as it usually involves ruining/tarnishing their reputation, which will not be tolerated.

What happens when I break one of these rules? (Unless the rule states a permanent ban):

For the forums, we will be operating a 3 strike system:

Your first offence will be met with either a verbal warning through Teamspeak or in-game or a written warning via a steam message or a forum private message. This depends on the easiest method of contacting you at the time.

Your second offence will result in you receiving a short ban lasting between 1 hour to 1 week depending on the severity of your offence.

Your third offence will result in a permanent ban, you will be told whether you will be able to appeal this or not. (In most cases not)
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