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JvS Rules

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Aug 26, 2019
These rules are subject to change at any given time by the Owners. It is YOUR responsibility to keep up with changes made to this page.
2. All Staff Decisions are final. If you take issue or feel you have been unfairly treated by a Staff Member, report them in the 'Report Staff' sub-forum.
3. Staff also retain the right to disallow someone access to the server if they feel as though they are going to be a negative impact and may also do so for current players, even if they have not broken rules but have a consistent negative impact on the community.

Real Money & GenesisServers
We do not condone the purchase of in-game items outside of our store, asking for money in return for in-game items or selling in-game items for real-life money is seen as "scamming" as there is no way to prove that it is a legitimate transaction and that it's safe for the person(s) involved. If caught doing this, you'll likely receive a permanent ban from the server.
GenesisServers are not liable for any transactions made between players outside of our store with real-life money and you'll be held solely accountable for your actions, as will the person offering money/taking the money. You have been warned.

Random Death Match (RDM): This is the act of killing other players without any justification. A death from another player of the same faction is considered RDM when there were no grounds to kill the player.
Staff: The term staff refers to members of the community who have been elevated to volunteer in order to enforce server rules or help members of the community with server related issues.
Faction Leadership: This refers to the top two ranks of a faction (Master of the Order, Emperor's Voice, Grandmaster, Emperor).
In-Character (IC): The term is used to define role-play or actions that are considered as part of a character in a fictional environment (In this case, Star Wars: Jedi Vs Sith) that is in some form different from an individual’s real personality.
Arrest On Sight (AOS): This is the practice of ordering people to be arrested due to them breaking an in-character rule.
Kill on Sight (KOS): This is the practice of ordering people to be killed when sighted.
Communications (/j, /s, /comms): Used to communicate important information between factions and during downtime for in-character roleplay.
Out-of-character chat (/ooc, //): Used for general out-of-character chatter.
Private Message (PM): Used to privately talk to other players this can be in-character if the player deems it so.
FearRP: An example of breaking FearRP would be not being afraid of death and not willing to die as a result of this. If you are at risk, you must play with it.
FailRP: Breaking any RP-related rules is classed as FailRP.
Player Kill (PK): This is when a player is Perma-killed/Player-killed, meaning the individual will lose not only their faction role and some levels.
New Life Rule (NLR): When you have died during Role-play you cannot return back to your original position until a specified time has passed, New Life Rule literally means that you have "died". You must act as if nothing has happened or that you were simply not there. Upon dying in general PvP (conquests, raids and timed events are excluded), you must wait 2 minutes before returning after re-spawning.
Inappropriate Content: Inappropriate Content is defined as anything said, posted, linked, or described in an out of character manner. This mainly includes sexual content, but can be expanded to include gore, malicious links, and private information (private information being a user's personal information,).
Exploiting: Exploiting is defined as knowingly using bugs, glitches, cheats, or software to gain an advantage over other players. This may include using third-party software, using a known bug, or finding an unknown bug and hiding it to use to your advantage.
Meta-gaming: Using information obtained via out-of-character means.
Advertising: Advertising is defined as drawing attention to another community, or to another service/product. Advertising another community or a service/product will result in a ban.
Leeching: Leeching is defined as actively attempting to bring players from the Genesis Servers community to another community. This may include inviting them to play on another community repeatedly, offering perks/ranks to go to that community, or mentioning the other community repeatedly. Leeching is a ban that can be increased to a permaban.
Disrespect: Disrespect is defined as offensive language (including racism) or actions towards an individual or group of people.
Harassment: Harassment is defined as repeated unwanted verbal abuse towards an individual. Harassment may result in a permanent ban.
Minge/Minging: The act of being troublesome or intentionally breaking rules in order to cause chaos and disorder on the server and/or annoyance to its player base. This may include intentionally breaking In-character rules (see FailRP), or server rules like mic spamming and RDM. Also sometimes known as NITRP.
Spamming: This involves repeatedly and rapidly flooding messages into a certain chat-box. A variant callled Mic-Spamming exists for continuous sound down a microphone. The threshold for Mic-Spamming is usually reached when other players get annoyed or staff find it inappropriate.
Planetary Conquest: This is when a faction attempts to lay siege and gain control of a non-home-world planet..
Raid: During a raid, a faction will appear on the home-world of another faction and attempt to steal that factions holocrons and kill the inhabitants.

Server Rules:
1. Harassment is not tolerated in any form (homophobia/racism/etc).
2. Abide by appropriate RP constructs/rules. ERP/Metagaming is not allowed.
3. RDM/ARDM is prohibited.
4. No exploiting.
5. No advertising/leeching.
6. Do not break the NLR.
7. Do not break FearRP.
8. Do not FailRP.
9. Do not post inappropriate content.
10. Do not meta-game.
11. Do not come on the server if you have NITRP or plan on minging.
12. Do not spam/mic-spam.
13. Refrain from using third party voice servers for faction and/or sub-faction communication, please try to use our TeamSpeak3 server.
14. Alt accounts are not allowed.
15. Do not lie or deceive staff members.
16. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Be kind to each other.

General Rules
1. Do not deliberately try and block fighting (body-blocking/spam closing the doors).
2. You cannot have more than one character with a council-level position.
3. After a person has teleported in, you must allow them to teleport away if they clearly did not mean to teleport to the planet. Once 10 seconds has passed or if they move away from the teleporters radius, you may attack.
4. You cannot lock spawn rooms with force powers.
5. Do not intentionally camp Crystal Altars with the intent to harm people.
6. Do not meditate/channel hatred/repair during combat. Wait 10 seconds after being out of combat before healing, being "out of combat" happens when you're no longer being pursued by a individual or are completely hidden, only once these conditions are met, may the "out of combat" timer start.
7. You can only AFK inside spawn areas or non-RP areas.
8. When Sentinels/Inquisitors are on a covert mission to the opposite faction's home-world they may not use a second character as a disguise.
9. You cannot use a vehicle within the capture proximity of an airdrop.
10. Medical Droids can only use their pistol in self-defense.
11. Medical Droids can only go onto a home-world if they align themselves to said faction.
12. Initiates/Acolytes & their trainer are immune from being attacked by the opposite faction to allow smooth introduction/training on the server.
13. If you're a trooper, you must be within a Boss NPC's aggro range in order to farm on it (does not apply to Raid Bosses due to the large attack radius).
14. Vehicles cannot be used to attack bosses or players (unless the player is also in a vehicle).
15. Group Heal may only be used when there is 2 or more allies near you, not doing so will be seen as combat healing.
16. You may not suicide in combat till you meet the "out of combat" specifications(see rule 6).

Roleplay Rules:
1. You must listen to your superiors unless it goes against the rules.
2. Force Ghosts are unable to take on apprentices, partake in any planetary skirmishes and may only attack others if attacked first.
3. Both your name and description in-game must not correlate to anything offensive or inappropriate.
4. Before starting a PK duel there must be a countdown from three in global comms by either party, only then may the duel start.
5. Do not go to the opposite faction’s home-world unless a raid is occurring or on a mission as a Sentinel/Inquisitor.
6. The only places exempt from RP are Spawn Rooms (except JC Chambers).
7. You cannot place bounties on your own faction.
8. Banning Bounty Hunters from a home-world (making them AOS/KOS) can only be done by a Dark/Jedi Councillor or above and can last a maximum of one hour.
9. Cloaking in the middle of combat will not make you invisible to your opponent, they may still keep attacking you, however, if you run away and find a place to hide and active cloak, you will then be seen as invisible and may not be attacked till you leave cloak. loitering around the cloaked player or attacking them once they have hidden them self will be seen as metagaming.

Faction Rules:
1. Council+ & Wrath/COTO must speak to the opposing faction leadership and wait 3 days before conversion.
2. If a member of Faction Leadership wish to leave their faction/position then they must give a weeks notice to their council and an Owner.
3. To be promoted to the next rank you must wait 48 hours.
4. Power-promotion is not allowed.
5. You cannot make a new faction or a rebel group (if you are exiled you must join an existing faction).
6. When leaving a sub-faction, you may not join a new sub-faction for 48 hours.
7. You can not start a raid while Inquisitors/Sentinels are on an enemy faction home-planet.
8. Holocrons are only allowed to be taken during raids when the shields have been lowered via capture point, any other means of obtaining them from the vault are disallowed.

FearRP Rules:
1. When not on a home-world you can be captured if you are at 1/4 of your spawning health as well as being surrounded by two or more Sentinels/Inquisitors.
2. When on the opposing side's home-world you must surrender when you are at 1/4 of your spawning HP and surrounded by one Darth/Master or two Lords/Knights however the attacking faction must have ended the raid before this is eligible.
3. You cannot be put under FearRP on your home-world.

Known Exploits:
1. Using force powers to do lightsaber tick damage to anything is forbidden and is a form of exploiting. This does not apply to force powers with cooldowns.
2. Do not switch between factions to gain an advantage for something (joining the winning side of a loot drop to get the item).
3. Trying to get yourself exiled to speed up the process of conversion will result in harsh punishment (ban), based on the severity.
4. Using a macro/autoclicker while AFK at an archive is prohibited. You may use it as long as you are at your computer and are responsive if staff try to speak to you.
5. Using anything on the server, either it be force powers, bosses, ect, not for its intended purpose is considered exploiting.(Refer to Disclaimer 2 at the top of the rules).

Exile Rules/Procedure:
1. First Exile - Upon being exiled from your faction you then become a member of the opposite faction.
2. Second Exile - If you somehow manage to get exiled from both factions then you will be banned for three days. When unbanned, you can join either faction.
3. Third Exile - If you get exiled again you are then permanently banned from the server.

Event Rules:
1. Raids can only be initiated once every hour (at least 15 members need to be online for sith and Jedi on either side).
2. During a raid, when you die, you must wait 20 seconds before rejoining the fight.
3. When the shield defense of the defending faction is restored the attacking faction must cease the raid and withdraw their forces.
4. When a Planetary Conquest is announced, you must defend the capture point, if you lose it, you lose the Conquest.
5. You cannot stand on top of the loot drop.
6. You cannot camp teleporters when defending against a raid. This means waiting at a teleporter and attacking people as soon as they spawn in.

Equipment Rules:
1. When dual-wielding, you may only use two single-bladed hilts.
2. Lightsaber users are not allowed to have guns at all (unless it is part of an event) and vice-versa with troopers.

Power-Gaming Rules/Procedure:
1. When you wish to enact a certain action in role-play involving another player, the participants must do use the roll command (/roll):
  • If the person attempting to carry out the action rolls more than the other player's roll then their action is successful and the other player must comply with the action.
  • If the other participant rolls more then the action fails.
2. You may only do one action at a time.
3. If you fail to enact your action you cannot roll again to get a higher roll.
4. You cannot use this system against a group bigger than two people. If one of the players rolls higher than you then they are not affected.

Gambling/Trade Rules:
1. Player-run raffles/auctions are prohibited.
2. Scamming in any regard is not allowed on our server. This includes refusing to pay up in deals/wagers.
3. After accepting a deal/wager you cannot then try and find a way to avoid paying up if you predict you are going to lose.
4. Comms/OOC cannot be used for trading.

Capture Rules:
1. Only Sentinels/Inquisitors may capture people and may only capture one person per hour.
2. Captured Jedi/Sith can be held for a maximum of 10 minutes, afterwards, they should be released/killed/sold.
3. You cannot kill a member of your faction in order to prevent them from being captured.
4. See Bounty Hunter Rules, rule 3 for price info on captures.

Overthrow Rules/Procedure:
1. In order to conduct a successful overthrow the Dark Council must assemble a 75% majority and have a valid reason to overthrow.
2. Dark Councillors and above are all eligible to partake in the overthrow (other than the Royal Guard Commander).
3. If the Royal Guard catch wind of a potential overthrow they must investigate, inform the Emperor and try to stop it.
4. A Senior Administrator or above must observe and approve of the overthrow..
5. Upon being confronted by the leader of the overthrow, the Emperor has two options:
  • Die with honour and be struck down by the leader of the overthrow, having his force essence absorbed by the usurper.
  • PK duel the leader of the overthrow, with the overthrow ending if the usurper loses.
6. The Royal Guards cannot intercept the PK duel between the Emperor and the leader of the overthrow.
7. If the overthrow is foiled only the leader of the overthrow is allowed to be exiled to avoid a massive hole in the upper Sith.
8. If the overthrow is successful the new Emperor has a months grace before they are eligible to be overthrown.

Term Limits:
- On the 4th council meeting of each month, the council will get to vote on whether or not the 1IC and 2IC shall remain.
- If the vote is successful, then the GM/Emp/Moto/Voice will remain in power for another 4 weeks until the next vote on the 4th meeting of the next month in which the
vote will repeat.
- If the vote is unsuccessful, then a new member of the council will have to take their place. However, if for example the Grandmaster is voted out and the Moto isn’t, the
Moto doesn’t necessarily take their place, a separate vote must be held for them or another member to become GM.
- The threshold for the maximum number of terms is 3 (1 Term = 4 Weeks AKA a month), once someone has served 3 terms they must step down to council level and a
vote will be held for their replacement.
- Terms only apply per role, so for example a Moto could serve 3 terms and then serve another 3 as GM.
- In special circumstances, someone may be able to serve a 4th term and beyond with the full support of their council and approval from a member of management.
- If a new 1IC/2IC has to be chosen during the 3rd or 4th week of the month then that will not count as a term and they will still be able to serve for up to 3 terms
depending on their situation.

Bounty Hunter Rules:
1. You cannot go into spawn areas to kill your targets.
2. The minimum price for bounties is 2000 credits. You cannot accept hits if the prices do not match this list:
a. Padawan/Apprentice: 2K
b. Knight/Lord: 7K
c. Master/Darth: 15K
d. Jedi/Dark Council: 40K
e. MOTO/Emperor's Voice: 75K
f. Grandmaster/Emperor: 100K
3. You can only be hired to carry out bounties, bodyguarding and raid assists.
4. You cannot ride vehicles on home planets.
5. Up to 2 Bounty hunters can be hired to assist in raids by Council+, the amount the BH wishes to request is up to them however the minimum price is 100k per bounty hunter.
6. Bounty hunters can be hired to bodyguard clients of Council level+
a. Bounty Hunters may only protect a client if they are hired by said client.
b. Bounty Hunters may only protect a client for a maximum of 30 minutes and a minimum of 10, after that there is a 20 minute cool down for the Bounty Hunter before they can engage in bodyguard work again.
c. Bounty Hunters must not leave or change characters before their time is up when bodyguarding a target, if they have to leave then they must notify their client and accept a full or partial pay cut up to the client's discretion.
d. The amount the BH wishes to request is up to them however the minimum price is 100k regardless of time.
7. Bounty Hunters only get 1 life when assisting in a raid.
8. Bounty Hunters must post a global comms message alongside the main raid message saying 'Raid Assist 1 Life' if they have been hired to assist.
9. Bounty Hunters may only assist the faction with less players. If they are hired and the numbers become even then they must stop helping.

Arrest Baton Rules:
1. You may only use your arrest baton while on your home-world.
2. You may arrest members of your faction at any point if they are breaking the rules (OOC/IC). Regardless if they're in PVP or not.
3. You cannot arrest enemy players during PVP/raids. Only after the raid has been called off and they have been put under FearRP may you do so.
4. Make sure to call staff for serious breaches of the rules and/or if they are a repeatedly being arrested.

Staff Rules:
1. Be respectful and friendly at all times, if you are still getting needless aggression, punishment is the last resort but do what is needed.
2. You may not use your staff privileges to gain access to roles or features you shouldn't have.
3. You need to help where able within community events.
4. If somebody complains about you, higher staff and forum report areas will deal with this, remain calm and mature.
5. You must not be uncloaked as a Staff on Duty when potentially intervening with role-play.
6. You must always provide sufficient kick and ban messages.
7. Do not spawn anything when you're not supposed to.
8. You are here to help, not upset. Always try to avoid doing things that may harm the reputation of the staff team or cause player dissatisfaction.
9. Staff must enforce the rules and role-play.
10. A Head Administrator/Community Manager or above may not become a Faction Leader.

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